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Begrüßung Joe Cook (deceased)

Thanks for asking about the Spark Plug Collectors Of America, (S.P.C.O.A.).

The SPCOA was founded in 1975 by Bill Bond and a small handfull of collectors and has grown through the years. We currently have a little over 300 active members in not only the USA, but in 9 other countries! We publish our 32 page newsletter (the IGNITOR) 4 times a year. The newsletter has a MARKETPLACE section for selling or buying plugs and related items, lots of old ads about plugs, articles from our members and listings of our meetings. I am enclosing a complementary copy for you to look through.

We meet 3 or 4 times a year in different places around the country. Our annual National/International meeting is held in Portland, Indiana during the month of August in conjunction with the Tri State Gas Engine show.

If you would like to join us, I am also enclosing a dues envelope. Dues are: $25.00 per year in the USA an $35.00 overseas.

If I can be of any other help, please feel free to call me at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx during work hours or xxxxxxxxxxxxx after work until 9PM. Or you can e-mail at tristate.diesel@verizon.net.

Enjoy the IGNITOR.

Good pluggin`

Joe Cook # 726

Club der Zündkerzensammler

Spark Plug Collectors
of America
John Teel
04 Ann Brown Drive
Texas 76085

Unsere internationale Clubzzeitung "THE IGNITOR" erscheint vierteljährlich.